Our recommend kit

The items on this page are all you need to start to develop your own B&W film. The darkroom bag is needed to load your film into the development tank (from the kit). As well as the development tank, the kit (plus the chemicals) contains everything else you need.

It really is that simple.

Paterson Film Processing Kit : (Recommended)

This kit uses a 2 chemical process, you just need Developer and Fixer, there is NO stop chemical required!

Contents: Universal Developing Tank with 2 spirals. Two 600 millimetre. Graduates One 150 millimeter Graduate. One Black and White Thermometer Film Squeegee. Set of 2 Film Clips Full instructions......

With this kit you can develop 2x35mm films or one 120 Film at a time
About £60

Essort Darkroom Film Changing Bag, 60cm x 55cm Professional 100% Light-Proof Double Skinned Darkroom Photography Changing Bag Photo Cameras Portable Changing Bag for Black Room Black (Recommended)

About £16

Ilford ILFOSOL 3 Black and White Film Developer 0.500 Litre (Recommended)

About £15

Ilford 1984253 Rapid Fixativ Liquid for Paper Photo 0.5 litres (Recommended)

About £13

Other Equipment